Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So, now what?

You’ve made your decision:  You’ll take the IELTS.  So, now what?  There are many different ways you can prepare.  The first decision you have to make is:  teacher or self-study.   Self-study may be an option for some people whose language level is such that they need limited guidance from a teacher. Still, someone will need to correct their essays and prepare them for speaking.  Most people will decide to prepare with a teacher.  The next option is:  class or one-to-one.  Some people prefer the class environment because there is a sense of camaraderie, you can learn from other’s mistakes, etc. Many people prefer one-to-one lessons because the lessons are tailor-made for them, they go as quickly or slowly as the student needs and they can be arranged to fit the student’s schedule.  Nowadays, there is an additional option available for students preparing for the IELTS:  in person or online.    If you live somewhere with access to teachers who are well-trained, who may be native speakers, who know the exam and how to prepare you for it, then you are in luck.  Even then, though, you may not find a teacher available to fit your schedule.  More and more teachers are taking their skills online and offering lessons via Skype and other platforms.  A simple Google search for "IELTS Skype" will show you just how wide the choices are.  So, before you begin preparing for IELTS, open your favorite browser and begin exploring because the possibilities are endless………….

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