Thursday, November 6, 2014

IELTS task one - do you always need an overview?

Most IELTS test takers know that you need an overview when describing a line graph, bar chart or pie chart.  But what about the dreaded process diagrams and maps?  Do you need one there, too?  The answer is yes.  The public band descriptors for Task 1 do not differentiate, so you need an overview no matter what kind of diagram you get. 

So, how do you write an overview for a process diagram? It needn't be too complicated.  You could mention that there are a number of steps/ machines/ people/ stages involved and you could mention what  the beginning and the end are.  If there are two process diagrams or two maps shown, you could say what the main difference between them is, of course, without going into too much detail because the overview shouldn't be about detail.   It should be able to give the reader the main, overall image of the information you have in front of you.  

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