Saturday, September 16, 2017

a short speaking post for IELTS

Part two is probably the speaking section that students like the least.   On the one hand, they think two minutes is an eternity so they are nervous about speaking uninterrupted for  so long and on the other hand, they worry that they will not have time to answer all the questions so they jump into it and finish with all the sub questions long before their two minutes are up!

So, what can you do?    First of all, practice with a timer to get a feel for what two minutes actually is.  Some people speak slowly, some fast, so find out what your speed is so that you can make adjustments to ensure you give a fully developed answer in two minutes.

Most often, I find that my students run out of things to say, so my advice for this is to set up the situation.   Before you answer the first question on the card, give a little background information.  For example, if you have been asked to describe your best friend, you could first say something like, "I've heard people say that the best friends you can have in your life are the ones that you have from your childhood and while I am sure this is true for many, I suppose I am the exception to this rule because my best friend is someone who I met as an adult."  Then, you begin with the follow up questions.   My little introduction, with my natural pace took 14 seconds.  It's not much but it's 14 seconds LESS that you have to fill at the end of your talk when you have run out of things to say and are probably thinking, "Oh my goodness, how much time do I have left and what else can I possibly say now??"

So, give it a try and let me know in the comments if it works for you.  

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